#ShopIrvine Initiative Promotes the City's Retail Centers

Friday, September 14, 2018

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One component of the Irvine Master Plan is the city’s retail centers. The Irvine Spectrum Center, Woodbridge Center, and Diamond Jamboree offer diverse shopping and dining experiences to visitors and residents alike. These Irvine destinations continue to evolve, providing shoppers with eclectic options that remain at the pinnacle of style, relevance, and ambiance.

Timing of the #ShopIrvine initiative couldn’t be better. Recently completed renovations at two of Irvine’s most popular and picturesque shopping centers – Irvine Spectrum Center and Woodbridge Village Center – are primed to add significant value to shopping and dining in Irvine.

Irvine Spectrum Center, which draws more than 18 million people each year for dining, shopping, entertainment, and family fun, has increased its attractiveness by renovating the former Macy’s site as part of a $200 million upgrade. And nearby Woodbridge Village Center, framed against one of Irvine’s iconic lakes, has opened up a promenade for the senses as part of a $30 million renovation to make its idyllic location even more appealing.

“Living up to its reputation as a city of innovation, Irvine has positioned itself ahead of the curve in reinventing retail centers by focusing on the consumer experience and entertainment,” said Bryan Starr, president and CEO of the Greater Irvine Chamber.

The initiative also reminds Irvine residents that their sales tax dollars support programs that benefit all of the city’s citizens.

“As a resident of Irvine, it makes sense to shop and dine here because tax dollars generated go toward our many fine services such as education, infrastructure, parks and open spaces, and police, which help to keep Irvine’s status as the safest big city in America,“ Starr said.

To help highlight Irvine’s extraordinary retail venues, Destination Irvine works year-round to attract overnight destination travelers to Irvine. Bringing the message closer to home, the Greater Irvine Chamber is supporting the City of Irvine in their effort to promote the multi-year #ShopIrvine initiative.

The Irvine Spectrum Center, Woodbridge Center, and Diamond Jamboree, plus the many neighborhood retail centers throughout the city, create unmatched opportunities. In fact, the Irvine retail experience really is an unmatched adventure.

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