Marianna Marysheva Hired as Irvine Assistant City Manager

Friday, August 03, 2018

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Longtime municipal executive Marianna Marysheva has joined the City of Irvine as Assistant City Manager.

Marysheva began work on July 27; she was hired by new City Manager John Russo.

“Irvine is fortunate to be able to retain Ms. Marysheva,” said Russo. “She has a great deal of experience in many areas of city governance, but she is exceptionally skilled in municipal finance. Her commitment to fiscal discipline is backed up by very strong problem-solving skills, and she is adept at finding long-term solutions in the face of competing priorities.”

Using her experience managing diverse municipal government operations and services, Marysheva will oversee a number of key functions in Irvine, including finance, information technology, human resources and risk, community development, community services, public works, and transportation.

Marysheva is a nationally recognized organizational transformation expert with experience in recharging and refocusing public sector entities of various sizes and complexities, cutting the red tape, and making government more transparent, flexible, customer and business friendly, and accountable.

Marysheva’s decades-long municipal government experience includes executive management roles in a number of California cities such as Oakland, Riverside, and Mammoth Lakes, and nationwide through consulting. 

“I am honored and excited to be in Irvine,” said Marysheva, “and look forward to being a part of an exceptional city team as we work together to maintain and enhance Irvine’s excellent reputation as a community and municipal organization.”

Marysheva graduated summa cum laude from San Francisco State University with a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies. She earned her Public Policy Master’s Degree from the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley.

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