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US Chamber Fights Trade Tariffs

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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The United States is sinking deeper into a costly trade war. You have seen the stories, and your company may already be feeling the effects. 

The U.S. Chamber has been fighting against these counterproductive policies from the beginning, and its most powerful and persuasive tool has proven to be your voice. The administration pays close attention to the impact the tariffs are having on businesses like yours. 

The tariffs imposed by the U.S. on our trading partners have prompted approximately $75 billion worth of retaliatory tariffs on American products. Now the administration is preparing or considering hundreds of billions of dollars in additional tariffs - including on autos and auto parts - all of which will invite more retaliation against Americanbusinesses. Regarding the situation with China, we agree with the administration that we must take action to address their unfair trade practices, but we should use other effective means, not tariffs. 

To put an end to this, the U.S. Chamber is lobbying and educating the administration and Congress, organizing the broader business community, and driving the public debate. The U.S. Chamber doesn't intend to let tariffs wipe out the economic gains made possible by tax reform and regulatory relief. 

You can help the U.S. Chamber build a compelling and persuasive case for ending the trade war by sharing your story. Share how tariffs are impacting your company or industry. If you wish, your company can remain anonymous.

For information on the Greater Irvine Chamber's work on economic development and international trade, contact Linda DiMario.


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