Proposed “No-Growth” Measure for Irvine Fails to Make it to November Ballot

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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A proposed ballot measure intended to stop of development in Irvine has failed to garner enough support to be put on the November 2018 ballot. The group behind the initiative declined to submit the signatures they have collected, indicating that they failed to meet the requisite number of qualified signatures for ballot qualification.

The measure, if placed on the ballot and passed by the electorate, would have required a city-wide vote for virtually all new development projects proposed in the city, directly contradicting the carefully-crafted Master Plan the city uses to guide its land use. This poorly written initiative was fraught with unintended consequences that had the potential to throw Irvine’s master plan out of balance, jeopardizing the city’s economic vitality. 

The Greater Irvine Chamber will continue to defend the merits of Irvine’s Mater Plan as a key factor in the prosperity of the city’s business ecosystem. For this reason, the Chamber’s board of directors voted unanimously to oppose this measure earlier this year.

For information on Greater Irvine Chamber business-friendly advocacy and ways to become involved, contact Whit Peterson.


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