Greater Irvine Chamber Leads Groups Surpass Record in Closed Sales with Over $6 Million Posted in Q1 2018

Monday, April 09, 2018

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Greater Irvine Chamber Leads Groups have surpassed total closed sales figures in any quarter previously recorded by the groups. Total closed sales earned by all five Leads Groups for the first quarter in 2018 is $6,349,241.

Each quarter, the Chamber recognizes the member recording the highest in closed sales dollars for the period with its Rainmaker Award. Scott Schultz, of RH Morris Financial Group, has been named the Rainmaker for Q1 2018.

“The Leads Group has given me the opportunity to get to know my fellow chamber members on a deeper level and develop better relationships that help me understand who they are looking for when I refer contacts to them,” Schultz said. “The process works the other way as well, when my fellow members are referring clients to me. It’s a privilege to be connected to these professionals.”

Schultz participates in the Monday noon Leads Group, serves on the Chamber’s Board of Directors and is chair of the Membership and John Colvin Memorial Scholarship committees. This is the second Rainmaker award for Schultz.

Top closed sales earned by Leads Group members are:

  • Scott Schultz with $5,198,000 (Monday)
  • Jeff Redeker with $900,000 (Wednesday noon)
  • Mike Borgman with $241,000 (Thursday)
  • Thomas Lotts with $7,000 (Wednesday morning)
  • David Harrington with $3,241 (Tuesday)

Total closed sales recorded to date in the fiscal year (July 2017 – March 2018) by group are:

  • Monday: $5,357,110
  • Tuesday: $1,998,866
  • Wednesday morning: $9,100
  • Wednesday noon: $5,654,682
  • Thursday: $2,055,551
  • The total for all groups is $15,075,309

Leads Groups directly contribute to the economic development of the Irvine area by increasing the business and profits of Greater Irvine Chamber member businesses and organizations through structured, noncompetitive networking, and the exchange of referrals and leads.

Leads Groups have been so successful that a fifth group was added in November 2017.

For more information and to become involved in the Leads Group, contact Danielle Spellman.



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