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Greater Irvine Chamber-Supported Measures Succeed at Irvine City Council, will be Included in June Ballot

Friday, March 02, 2018

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During the Feb. 27 city council meeting, Irvine Mayor Don Wagner proposed two ballot initiatives to be voted upon by the voting public in Irvine on June 5.  

The first of the two initiatives is a taxpayer protection measure to require a two-thirds vote of the city council to impose new taxes or raise existing taxes in the city. This protection was originally approved by California voters in 1986 as Proposition 62. However, it was later ruled in court that this law only applied to general law cities. As a charter city, Irvine was not subject to the protection and any proposed tax changes must be taken to the electorate for approval. Similar protections have been approved by other charter cities in Orange County including Newport Beach, Anaheim, and Huntington Beach.

The second measure taken up at the city council meeting was the charter amendment aimed at ensuring the land use authority of the city council. The amendment states that any project that provides a fiscal benefit of 15 percent over costs to the city is not subject to further approval beyond city council. 

“For over 50 years Irvine has been master-planned to be an economic powerhouse and that’s exactly what we’ve become,” Greater Irvine Chamber President and CEO Bryan Starr said during his testimony in front of the Irvine City Council. “The measures before you were designed to preserve that status for our residents.”

The measure is aimed at providing the city the certainty necessary to ensure long-term fiscal growth and to avoid the need for future tax increases.

Both measures were carefully considered by the Greater Irvine Chamber Board of Directors and support for both measures was unanimous. The City Council voted three to two to include these measures on the June 5 ballot in Irvine.

A reception and Mayor Wagner's second State of the City address followed the city council meeting.

For more information about the Greater Irvine Chamber’s government affairs work and how to become involved, contact Whit Peterson.

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