Local Business and Community Leaders to Serve as “Principals for a Day”

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Local business owners and community leaders will serve as “Principals for a Day” in schools throughout the Tustin Unified School District on Tuesday, April 17.  The event is part of the 29th annual TUSD Educational Partnership Week (April 16-20).

“Principals for a Day” is a hands-on opportunity for local business and community leaders to learn about the issues, challenges and accomplishments in public education as they take on the role of school administrators.

Each participant will share the role of school principal and perform various daily duties, such as visiting classrooms, meeting with students and teachers, attending staff meetings, reviewing budgets and participating in other activities. 

            TUSD is seeking business and community leaders who would like to serve as “Principals for a Day.”  For more information, call the TUSD Communications Office at (714) 730-7339.

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