Greater Irvine Chamber’s Linda DiMario Lends Expertise to Texas City in Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Monday, January 22, 2018

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Linda DiMario, executive vice president of the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce, traveled to Aransas Pas, Texas last week under the auspices of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) to lend a hand to the City and its business community in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. With a focus on the Downtown core, DiMario met with City Manager Gary Edwards, Mayor Ram Gomez, City Council members Carrie Scruggs, Vickie Abrego and Billy Ellis, city management, the Aransas Pass Chamber of Commerce, Destination Downtown, UNITY, the Library Board, business owners, property owners and San Patricio Economic Development Council discussing how to move beyond hurricane recovery to revitalize and re-imagine their downtown. Known for its excellent sport fishing, boating and laid-back lifestyle, Aransas Pass is at the crossroads of the Coastal Bend region in southeast Texas.   

“This city is well served by hard-working people trying to recover, moving forward with the business of day-to-day life and yet looking forward,” DiMario said. “It’s clearly evident that this is a strong, resilient community inspired to work together to reinvigorate Downtown so that it reflects the needs of both residents and visitors.”

DiMario conducted an environmental scan, collecting opinions and ideas for Downtown. “At the end of the week, it was clear that there was remarkable consensus among all stakeholders that they have a clear vision for their downtown and consensus is the first step toward progress,” DiMario said.

DiMario has extensive, first-hand experience dealing with disaster preparedness and recovery. Years prior, she joined the International Economic Development Council in four Texas counties post-Ike, southeast New Jersey post-Sandy and joined a team sent into Louisiana after the Gulf Coast BP oil spill.

“It is an honor to be even a small part of the Aransas Pass recovery. I am grateful for everyone who spent time with me to share their stories and I look forward to watching this city and its people write their next chapter.” DiMario said.  

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