Greater Irvine Chamber Advocates for City's Largest Sales Tax Contributor

Friday, December 15, 2017

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The Irvine City Council this week voted 3-2 to create a special ordinance to allow the Irvine Auto Center to continue to sell advertising space on its electronic freeway sign. 

Placed on the Dec. 11 agenda following a request from the Irvine Auto Center, the item previously had a recommendation to deny the request from the Auto Center. But after months of work by the Greater Irvine Chamber to build a coalition with the Orange County Auto Dealers Association and the Irvine Auto Center to communicate the importance of this allowance by the city, the Irvine Auto Center request was successfully approved.

The Irvine Auto Center sells advertising space on its sign to reinvest those dollars into the promotion of the Auto Center which increases exposure and sales. The Irvine Auto Center is one of the largest producers of sales tax revenue, of which the City of Irvine gets a portion. Last year alone the Auto Center was directly responsible for more than $5 million of tax revenue for the city. 

“The Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce sees this as a business issue. Giving businesses the tools to thrive only adds to the overall prosperity of the city and its residents,” said Whit Peterson, director of Government Affairs for the Chamber.

The final vote on the ordinance is expected to take place at the Jan. 9 Irvine City Council meeting.

For more information about how the Greater Irvine Chamber Government Affairs supports business and ways to become involved, contact Whit Peterson.

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