Greater Irvine Chamber Opposes State Bills Affecting Employers

Monday, July 24, 2017

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The Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce has joined a coalition of chambers and business associations to oppose two state bills that put employers in a bind when it comes to pay for employees. Letters on behalf of these groups was sent in July to members of the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

The first bill, Assembly Bill 168, would disallow employers from asking potential employees for previous salary information while going through the hiring process. 

Employers often ask for salary history tied to previous jobs in order to determine a fair market wage for an advertised job position. This bill would make it illegal for employers to inquire about a person’s salary history and exposes employers to costly litigation. 

The second bill, Assembly Bill 1209, imposes a mandate on California employers to collect data on the mean and median salaries paid to men and women under the same job title or description without also considering any bona fide reason for differences in compensation. 

This information would then be submitted to the California Secretary of State to be published, exposing employers to potential claims of wage discrimination without consideration of: (1) different educational or training backgrounds amongst employees; (2) different career experience; (3) varying levels of seniority or longevity with the employer; (4) objective, merit-based system of the employer; (5) a compensation system that measures earning by quantity or quality of production; (6) geographical differences that impact the cost of living and job market; (7) shift differentials.

Assembly Bill 168 is currently in the Senate Committee on Appropriations.  Assembly Bill 1209 has passed out of committee and is awaiting a vote on the floor of the Senate.

For more information on legislation impact business, contact Whit Peterson, director of Government Affairs, Greater Irvine Chamber


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