Greater Irvine Chamber Opposes Proposed Traffic Mitigation Fee

Monday, July 24, 2017

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In a July 18 letter to Irvine Transportation Commission and Chair Ken Montgomery, the Greater Irvine Chamber voiced its opposition to the proposed Irvine Business Complex (IBC) Traffic Mitigation Fee Update proposal being considered by the Commission. 

The proposal is an increase of 108 percent over the current fee structure set in 2015 for business, hotel, and residential properties in the Irvine Business Complex. Originally adopted in 2010, the IBC Vision Plan created mixed-use and residential standards to facilitate the evolution of the area which was primarily office, industrial, and commercial use. At the time, the city developed a fee matrix for any new developments that were to be built. Between 2010 and 2015, the next time the city made updates to the plan, the fees increased by 21 percent. 

“We are not opposed to reasonable fee increases.” said Whit Peterson, director of Government Affairs Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce. He continued, “108 percent represents a massive increase and de-incentivizes developers from wanting to build more housing and hotels. Amidst the housing crisis in California we should be encouraging developers to want to build smart housing to create walkable communities in areas like the IBC.”

The Transportation Commission has voted 4-0 to ask staff to seek grant opportunities to replace the anticipated revenue from the proposed fee increase. The item will be brought up in four weeks for reconsideration.

For more information about how the Greater Irvine Chamber works to ensure business-friendly legislation, contact Whit Peterson.

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