California Leads the Way in Innovation

Friday, April 21, 2017

top California metro areas mapPolicymakers are constantly searching for the source of the jobs of the future, and a crystal ball would certainly help them plan ahead to support the industries that will drive future growth. Without such powers of prophecy, many California metros have instead invested and developed economies that facilitate innovation and commercialization, increasing the probability that whatever the next big thing is, California will discover and invest in crucial parts of it.

In our current technology-driven economic cycle, this is bearing fruit for the Golden State. In the Milken Institute’s most recent edition of the Best-Performing Cities index — which ranks metros based on their job creation, wage gains, and technology industry diversity, concentration, and growth — six California metros placed in the Top 25.

Recognized as a top innovative hub and producer of patents and tech jobs, Irvine, in conjunction with Anaheim and Santa Ana, is ranked 19th and is among those top California metro areas.

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