Destination Irvine Director Wendy Haase Participates as Panel Speaker at CA Downtown Association Conference

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

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Director of Destination Irvine’s Tourism Marketing, Wendy Haase, was part of a panel of experts speaking about advocacy partners during the California Downtown Association's Annual Conference, held in Long Beach in March.

The three-person panel was designed to discuss avenues for working more effectively with other organizations to create a single, more powerful voice to solve issues that impact the community at large. The discussion addressed issues including how the changing political landscape calls for advocacy to become a larger and more routine component of activity on the part of tourism organizations, how to advocate more effectively, efficiently, and fully impact constituents at the city, county, state, or federal level, as well as how to create advocacy partners within the travel and tourism industry.

Along with Haase, the panel featured Barb Newton, president and CEO, Cal Travel Association, and Scott Slocum, sales and marketing director, Walnut Creek Convention and Visitors Bureau & Chamber of Commerce. The panel was moderated by Byron Best, executive director, Walnut Creek Downtown.

Master talks and breakout sessions explored how downtowns serve as economic development resources beyond city boundaries, and the role social media plays in encouraging community engagement. Experts shared best practices on enhancing downtown quality of life and cultivating the next generation of leaders.

The California Downtown Association (CDA) represents thousands of diversified businesses throughout California within its network of downtown associations, cities, chambers of commerce, business districts, and supportive vendors and consultants. The primary purpose of the CDA is to exchange information pertinent to business districts and to formulate solutions to mutually shared challenges.

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