Chamber Supports California Assembly Bill 912

Monday, April 03, 2017

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The Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce has expressed its support for California Assembly Bill 912, the CA Small Business Regulatory Fairness Act, along with a coalition of numerous business, housing, and industry organizations publicly taking the same stand. This legislation recognizes that small business face an uphill battle in complying with state rules and regulations and would allow for an adjustment of civil penalties based on mitigating factors. 

Additionally, this bill would establish the Office of Small Business Advocate to represent the views and interest of small businesses before other state agencies whose policies and activities may affect small business.

California’s complex regulatory scheme is challenging for all employers, but especially small businesses. In recognizing this challenge, California has provided GO-BIZ as a resource for small employers to obtain information regarding various obstacles that small businesses face. AB 912 would further assist small businesses in navigating the regulations in California so that they can comply and grow their business, without facing costly enforcement actions for inadvertent mistakes.

Specifically, AB 912 will require state agencies who adopt regulations to help small businesses with understanding and complying with those regulations, adopt policies that consider mitigating circumstances – such as the small business cooperating with authorities, and the violation not posing an imminent threat, in assessing penalties against small businesses when there has been a violation. This penalty relief will grant the small employer equitable relief from burdensome administrative penalties.

The growth of small businesses in California is a key component to maintaining a strong economy. AB 912 will help ensure such growth by providing small businesses with the tools and resources needed to comply with California’s regulations. As such, AB 912, introduced February 16, has been identified as a job creator.

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