Infusion Bays at City of Hope Orange County Lennar Foundation Cancer Center Designed Around Patient Preferences

Friday, April 01, 2022

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When designing Lennar Foundation Cancer Center, City of Hope Orange County put patients' needs first, placing special importance on the infusion center.

Stepping into the treatment space located on the top floor of the Lennar Foundation Cancer Center, the warmth of the sunlight fills the area from its large windows that look onto Saddleback Mountain, allowing strength and stability to flow in. It’s a patient-centered, peaceful environment that is comfortable and calm.

“We’ve taken extra care to center the infusion bays around the patient experience,” said Wendy P. Austin, RN, MS, AOCN, COA, NEA-BC, FACHE, the senior vice president of operations for City of Hope Orange County. “Our patients spend a lot of time here during treatment, sometimes up to six hours, and their comfort is a primary concern for us. We heard what they wanted, and their insights helped us create a calming environment and healing experience.”

City of Hope Orange County Lennar Foundation Cancer Center may be located in the bustling heart of Irvine, but inside, in the infusion center, all is an oasis of tranquility. This harmonious atmosphere is the result of countless design decisions, all of which were made with patients in mind.
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The layout of the infusion bays was purposefully arranged to give patients various options. The recliner chairs can be positioned according to patient preference. Some people may want to enjoy the view and look out the windows, while others may want to orient their chair to face the nurses’ station or chat with their “chemo buddy,” turning chairs towards each other.
Each bay is partitioned with a frosted glass door. The door can be closed for privacy or left open to engage in a community of healing with others. And the bins were designed to open from both inside the room and from the hallway, allowing staff to empty the bins without having to enter the room and disrupt the patient.
The color palette, guided by feng shui principles, is a selection of earth tones that help maintain inner peace and health, water-inspired blues that add purity and freshness, and warm woods to emphasize healing. Each infusion bay is furnished with a recliner chair and includes amenities such as a phone charging station, an iPad, and headphones.
“Infusion therapy is really conducive to relationship-building between nurses and patients whose course of treatment may last weeks or months,” said Cynthia Powers, DNP, MS, RN, the Vice President and Associate Chief of Nursing for City of Hope Orange County. “We are with patients every step of the way and get to know them as people. We meet them where they are--physically and emotionally--and we make them as comfortable as possible so they can focus on healing.”
Patients appreciate that City of Hope Orange County’s commitment to advanced cancer care shines through in these important design details.
Patients can currently access City of Hope’s care at four Orange County locations that form a network of leading-edge cancer research and treatment, delivered with unmatched compassion.
The future is hope, and it’s unfolding in Orange County. 

City of Hope Orange County is the diamond-level Leaders Circle partner of the Greater Irvine Chamber.

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