EV Battery Developer Enevate Expands

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

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(Orange County Business Journal)

Enevate, the Irvine firm developing fast-charging batteries for electric vehicles, has signed a lease for over 125,000 square feet for a pre-production line and new headquarters at 34 Parker Drive.

The new facility in the Spectrum area of the city represents a substantial growth in space from the company's existing space of 20,000 square feet at UCI Research Park.

“With Enevate’s expanding customer base, increased number of projects, and more employees we simply ran out of room at our current facility,” said Enevate CEO Robert Rango. “This is a major milestone for the company during a very exciting time in mobility as the world transitions to electric vehicles.”

 The company expects to complete its move into the new facility before the end of this year.

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