JWA Passenger Traffic Surpasses 2019 Numbers

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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(Orange County Register)

Passenger traffic at John Wayne Airport in November finally looked like the old days, rising above 2019 numbers for the first time since air travel was stalled by COVID-19.

The November milestone is likely due to Thanksgiving holiday travel and coronavirus vaccines that emboldened more travelers to board crowded airplanes.

JWA recorded a 208% increase in passenger traffic in November 2021 (854,393 passengers) vs. November 2020 (277,020). That’s not altogether surprising because air travel for Thanksgiving 2020 was scant.

The airport served 827,140 passengers in November 2019, which means the most-recent traffic beat the pre-pandemic number by 3.3%.

The top three airlines for Thanksgiving month based on passenger count were Southwest Airlines (317,679), American Airlines (137,651), and United Airlines (120,418).

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