Irvine is the Best City for an Active Lifestyle

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

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The cities that provide the necessary infrastructure as well as integrate nature into the built environment can better support our adoption of healthy and active lifestyles. In that regard, Irvine came out as the best city for leading an active lifestyle.

In order to identify the best places in the US for active lifestyles, STORAGECafé compared the 100 largest cities based on a weighted index of 18 key indicators such as venues for exercising, walkability, bike-friendliness and natural conditions.

Here are some of our key findings:

  • Irvine ranks as the best city for the composite score of outdoor livability among the 100 largest US cities. The city ranks so high due to the 747 sq. ft. of parks per capita, only 34 days with precipitation per year and, for beach activity enthusiasts, over 48 miles of beach available to its residents.
  • Irvine residents are also very health-conscious, with the city emerging as the second healthiest in the US. A whopping 85% of adults here are physically active.
  • The city also ranks 10th for gyms – with 2.4 gyms for 10,000 people, almost double the national average, and an average membership fee of $33.75. It also occupies the 10th spot on the bikeability index, with 1.6% of its population biking to work.

Irvine Best for Active Lifestyle chart

You can find the full report together with expert commentary here:

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