Greater Irvine Chamber Take Positions on Five Ballot Propositions

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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The Greater Irvine Chamber has taken positions on five of the twelve ballot propositions that are being placed before the voters in November.

YES on PROP 14 - Authorizes $5.5 billion state bonds for: stem cell and other medical research, including training; research facility construction; administrative costs.

NO on PROP 15 - Increases funding sources for public schools community colleges, and local government services by changing tax assessment of commercial and industrial property.

NO on PROP 21 - Expands local governments’ authority to enact rent control on residential property.

YES on PROP 22 - Classifies app-based drivers as “independent contractors,” instead of “employees,” and provides independent-contractor drivers other compensation, unless certain criteria are met.

NO on PROP 24 - Amends consumer privacy laws.

“The Greater Irvine Chamber is committed to advancing the economic vitality of Greater Irvine. To ensure our members and all businesses can successfully thrive here and throughout the region, the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee and Board of Directors urge voters to consider the impact these relevant propositions will have on businesses if enacted,” said Bryan Starr, President and CEO of the Greater Irvine Chamber.

Descriptions of propositions have been taken from the California General Election November 3, 2020 Official Voter Information

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