The Toll Roads Recovered to Nearly 70% of Pre-COVID Transactions, Offers Customers More Time to Pay

Friday, September 04, 2020

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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Transporation Corridor Agency (TCA) weekly transactions were approximately 1.9 million. During the low point in April, weekly transactions had dropped approximately 66%. As of Aug. 9, weekly transactions had recovered to approximately 1.3 million or 68% of pre-COVID transactions.

“On The Toll Roads, traffic numbers dipped dramatically, with similar impacts to non-tolled roads and transit. From a health perspective, this was positive in keeping people safe, but it created economic challenges for our customers and our business. We have taken steps to address these challenges by offering customers more time to pay, pausing our delinquent violation processes, and tightening our expenditures to core needs and Board priorities,” said Samuel Johnson, Interim CEO of the Transportation Corridor Agencies in Irvine and IBTTA President. “I am optimistic with early signs of a quick recovery, but we don’t want to be over-confident and still have a ways to go.” 

Johnson said, that tolled roads, bridges, and tunnels throughout the country have seen a dramatic reduction of traffic over the last five months, and while there is some increase in volume,  projecting when traffic will return to pre-pandemic levels is extremely challenging.

"The pandemic has presented monumental challenges and opportunities in planning for the rebalancing of demand across modes including transit and especially with teleworking achieving recognition as a strong and viable alternative. These changes in mode choice will likely shift over the next couple of years but the tolling industry will continue to be a strong contributor to the movement of goods and people,” Johnson said.

From traffic patterns, behavioral adaptations of drivers, changes to back-office operational systems, and budget constraints leading to difficult decisions about capital improvement projects, the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping tolling and transportation as we know it.  

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