Masimo Launches Patient Charting, Alerts Platform

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

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(Orange County Business Journal)

Irvine-based device maker Masimo Corp.recently unveiled its UniView: 60 platform, which provides clinicians with important patient reminders and advisories in a clean, concise display outside of each patient’s room.

UCI Medical Center said it deployed the product in its new acute care unit, “as part of its vision of the hospital of the future” as well as its “longstanding commitment to patient safety” at the time of the product announcement.

Masimo Chief Executive Joe Kiani said he was pleased to see the product launch “at one of our excellent local institutions.”

The product’s name has to do with it’s speed-of use, as it allows “clinicians to familiarize themselves with the most relevant details of each patient’s case at the door in 60 seconds or less before they see the patient,” Kiani told analysts last week.

The product is also an “effort to help increase clinical efficiency and improve handoff communication between staff,” Kiani said. “Studies have shown that inadequate communication related to patient handoff is often where patient safety fails first.”

Product Suite

The UniView: 60 platform connects to Masimo’s automation platform, which manages data entry, alarm forwarding and other data.

It also integrates with the company’s suite of monitoring devices that track key metrics of patients’ health such as oxygen saturation and blood levels, as well as third-party devices and electronic health records.

UCI Health installed the UniView: 60, as well as the company’s Root monitoring and connectivity platform and Patient SafetyNet product, which addresses COVID-19 patients in need of remote monitoring.

“We wanted a system that allows the entire care team to quickly see and understand a patient’s most critical information in a way that enhances patient safety and their relationship with the patient as an individual,” said Chad Lefteris, chief executive of UCI Health.

“Masimo’s Hospital Automation platform and UniView: 60 meet our objectives … while reinforcing our commitment to improving patient outcomes and safety,” Lefteris added (see page 1 for more).

Q2 Results

Masimo last week reported second-quarter revenue rose 31% to $301 million and net income climbed 24% to $55.8 million, or 98 cents a share. Revenue and earnings topped analysts’ consensus estimate.

Kiani, who started his company in 1989, told the Business Journal in March that his goal is to reach $1 billion in annual sales this year.

Its shares are up about 60% to $220 since their 52-week low in March amidst investor belief that the company is selling products needed during the coronavirus pandemic. The company now sports a $12.1 billion market cap, the fifth highest in Orange County.

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