How to Rebuild Your Small Business After COVID-19

Friday, May 22, 2020

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In this webinar, Linda DiMario, executive vice president, Greater Irvine Chamber, talks with commercial real estate experts Gary Abraham, Max Sabino, and Nick Whitelaw, from Aspect Realty, on how businesses can move forward in the COVID-19 era and beyond.

DiMario recommends that business owners consider several questions to ensure survivability:

  • Will they be able to adapt their business to the current environment?
  • Will their current business model and plan be sustainable in the post-pandemic period?
  • Can they adapt to compliance and the rigors of what’s likely to be social distancing for some time into the future?

Business owners should learn everything they can, apply it, and reevaluate their current business model in order to make good decisions about how to move forward.

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