Irvine-Based Manufacturer’s Product is Well-Suited for Monitoring COVID-19 Patients

Saturday, May 16, 2020

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Irvine-based NousLogic Telehealth developed a product that has been in use for two years at hospitals and patient homes in Irvine, and Houston where one of the product’s co-creator resides. NousRPM, an “intelligent” Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform uses NousLogic Smart Hub, a Medicare-reimbursable system of wireless health devices and sensors, to collect patient-generated health data that is sent to healthcare providers for analysis and care intervention.

NousLogic Telehealth CEO Hoang Nhu said the goal of RPM is to improve medical care and health outcomes for patients with chronic medical conditions who benefit from closer monitoring in between clinic visits, which is particularly useful as care providers monitor patients with COVID-19 that are able to recuperate at home.

“Remote Patient Monitoring and video-call services help keep doctor-patient interactions intact during social-distancing to protect patients and health care workers,” Nhu said.

Nhu developed NousLogic’s Remote Patient Monitoring platform along with Dr. Vu Theriot, who serves as the company's president and chief medical officer.

For more information, email Hoang Nhu.

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