California’s Phase 2 Coronavirus Restart: Here’s What Can and Can’t Open This Week

Friday, May 08, 2020

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(San Francisco Chronicle)

Gov. Gavin Newsom says some retail stores will be able to reopen for curbside service Friday and that in some areas, officials will soon be able to seek state approval to go further. Details on reopening guidelines will be released Thursday.

  • Opening: Businesses that will be able to open include clothing stores, bookstores, sporting good stores, and florists. Manufacturers and suppliers of those goods can also resume with modifications to their operations.
  • But: Places with stricter stay-at-home orders, such as the Bay Area, can keep their rules in place. If they do, stores will remain closed, even if other regions open up.
  • Still closed: Not eligible for reopening Friday under the new state rules are offices, shopping malls, and dine-in restaurants.
  • But: Counties can soon begin applying to the state to reopen some of those businesses. Newsom said the counties will have to show they have few COVID-19 cases, that they meet testing and contact tracing criteria that the state will establish, that their health care systems can handle any surge in cases and that they have plans to protect vulnerable populations.

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