OneOC Celebrates Spirit of Volunteerism

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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Most years, OneOC’s Spirit of Volunteerism event is a lunch at the Disneyland Hotel. Typically about 1,000 people show up, chow down, clap, and leave.

This year, with no gatherings allowed, LaVal Brewer, OneOC’s director of business development, said OneOC plans post six videos between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. on four platforms — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  Each video will focus on a cluster of nonprofits and companies that provide volunteers, and feature the volunteers nominated by those organizations.

The tricky part is viewership. Organizations are telling their nominees to be online when the videos drop, and every nominee is strongly encouraged to share the videos with family, friends, and online followers.

In some ways, the online event might be better than the lunch.

“Which area is important to you? If it’s, say, environment, or if you love mentoring, you can choose to look at those videos,” Brewer said.

“You pick a couple of areas, watch them, and then share them,” he added.

“We want the word to get out about these volunteers; to celebrate the heck out of them.”

How will volunteers be thanked?

OneOC has created a blog post for each nominee. The companies and nonprofits that nominated those people already have written up a bit about what’s cool about each contributor, along with a photo or two.

But the posts are live and, as such, the tributes can grow. If a volunteer’s mom wants to weigh in on why her daughter is awesome, that’s possible. The blog post can serve as a keepsake of sorts, and maybe a motivation for others.

Brewer said there’s a bottom line to this year’s event, but it’s not financial.

“It’s not a fundraiser. It’s a celebration.”

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