Six Criteria Will Determine When Gov. Newsom Lifts State's Lockdown

Saturday, April 18, 2020

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The California Governor Gavin Newsom in April announced six requirements his administration will need to meet before he begins easing statewide shelter-in-place restrictions. Questions loom.

1.) Testing and tracking

The state will need to develop the ability to test and track those who are sick.

Are there enough tests to test everyone with symptoms? Are there enough public health workers to investigate every last possible case?

2.) Containment strategies

The state will need to be able to isolate those who are sick.

Is the state ready to contain fresh outbreaks, particularly in high-risk locations like prisons or senior housing facilities?

3.) Health care capacity

The state will need to ensure that hospitals are ready to handle any potential fresh outbreaks.

Does the state have enough beds, ventilators, and equipment to handle a new outbreak?

4.) New treatment development

Antiviral medication and other treatments will need to be widely available.

Is the state helping to develop antivirals and other treatments while a vaccine is in the works?

5.) Physical distancing capability

The state will need to ensure that businesses can operate with new social distancing guidelines.

Are businesses set up to allow for long-term social distancing requirements? Do their employees have the necessary personal protective equipment? 

6.) Monitoring

The state will need to be able to monitor new cases.

Is the state gathering and processing the right data to know if and when to enact a new shelter-in-place policy?


Source: CalMatters


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