City of Irvine Unveils Proposed 2019-2021 Budget

Friday, March 29, 2019

The City of Irvine has released its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2021. The proposed budget reflects the priorities of the City Council and addresses feedback from residents and businesses, ensuring Irvine remains a safe, clean, well-maintained city that continues to support schools.

“The City of Irvine’s leadership believes that public safety is our top priority. I am pleased that this budget proposal honors that belief by increasing the size of our police force to stay up with our growth,” said Mayor Christina Shea. “However, costly state mandates and policies threaten our continued delivery of excellent services. This present two-year budget is balanced; we still need to be diligent in the years ahead.”

This year, Irvine transitioned from an annual budget to a two-year budget developed in the context of a five-year financial plan. This new process allows for enhanced fiscal transparency and accountability, with more public participation and more time for budget deliberations. The city hosted four Community Budget Meetings in March. These meetings were the city’s first-ever attempt at both informing constituents about the state of its finances and seeking input on spending priorities before the budget proposal was finalized.

Strategic priorities addressed in the proposed budget include: maintaining high-quality essential city services, enhancing citywide mobility through transportation improvements, promoting innovation through effective use of information technology solutions, and recruiting and retaining high-quality employees.

“We have spent the last several months developing a disciplined budget that ensures the long-term financial sustainability of this great City,” said Irvine City Manager John Russo. “With this proposed budget, we are tightening our belts, reducing costs, and creating more efficient ways to provide the high level of services that make Irvine a vibrant, safe city, where people love to live and do business.”

Next in the process, the budget will be presented to the Finance Commission in April. Following Commission input, the proposed two-year budget and five-year plan will be presented to the City Council for approval in May.

For more information about the budget process, and to access the Fiscal Year 2019-21 Proposed Budget, visit

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