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Irvine Students Demonstrate Ethics During Presentations at the Greater Irvine Chamber

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Eight teams of 28 students from Irvine High School presented their final Ethics Forum projects to Greater Irvine Chamber members, guests, and parents during the Chamber’s March Business and Workforce Development Committee meeting.

Students presented their discovery and summations on these topics:

  • Privacy in Social Media
  • JUUL: The Health Problem of the Decade
  • Gene Editing
  • Social Credit Scores
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Biomedical Engineering & Ethics
  • Autonomous Vehicles

“Students represent infinite possibilities for the future of our society. Irvine prepares these exceptionally bright minds through its world-class education system, which is strengthened by support from community partners. The Greater Irvine Chamber has developed the Ethics Forum program that supports teachers’ efforts to help students develop critical thinking skills they can apply to real-world and ethical decision making,” said Lauren Brooks, president, Irvine Board of Education.

The presentations served as the final piece of the semester-long Ethics Forum program, created for students by the Business and Workforce Development Committee in partnership with Irvine Unified School District and Webster University, Irvine Metro Campus. The program is intended to teach students by introducing, instructing, and promoting the process of ethical decision making, using common questionable and/or ethical dilemmas to determine criteria and to respond appropriately. Students learn why critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creative problem solving are critical to ensure successful situational outcomes.


Students present final Ethics Forum project on Privacy in Social Media.

Students present their final Ethics Forum projects on Gene Editing.

Irvine High School students present their Ethics Forum findings on Privacy in Social Media and Gene Editing to attendees of the March 19 Greater Irvine Chamber Business and Workforce Development Committee. 


“The Ethics Forum program is important to the Chamber’s commitment to a competitive and work-ready workforce. Our rapidly changing world requires people to be skilled in the latest technologies, but our companies tell us that their employees must also possess the critical thinking skills that enable them to respond appropriately to ethical issues as they arise,” said Linda DiMario, executive vice president, Greater Irvine Chamber. “It’s inspiring and impressive to see students accept this challenge to address complex real-life issues.”

The Ethics Forum program is led by Brian Dozer, D.Mgt., director of Webster University, Irvine Metro Campus, and co-chair of the Business and Workforce Development Committee. This semester’s installment of the program was conducted at Irvine High School under the supervision of teachers Courtney Smith and Jennifer Harrington. The program will be scaled to serve other Irvine high schools.

View event photos here.

For more information about the Ethics Forum, or how to get involved in the Business and Workforce Development Committee, contact Pepper Russell.

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