Global Green to Expand Biogas Generation & Food Recovery Initiative for a Second Year - Seeking Two New Southern California Partner Cities

Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Non-profit Global Green announced it will select two Southern California cities as new partners in the second year of its Expanding Biogas Generation & Food Recovery Initiative, which increases access to and the effectiveness of food waste recycling programs and demonstrates food-waste-to-biogas scenarios for participating cities.

The initiative uses an Eco-Ambassador resident outreach model, which recruits motivated apartment dwellers to take ownership over their building’s waste diversion and serve as a community resource in order to expand participating cities’ food waste recycling programs. Global Green will also select two additional cities to model food-waste-to-biogas scenarios. Cities will be chosen based on existing access to food-waste-to-biogas production and/or an interest in expanding biogas production infrastructure, as well as their commitment to supporting underserved communities.

Greater Irvine Chamber Leaders Circle memberSouthern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) is funding this free assistance with a grant through its Environmental Champions Initiative. The estimated dollar value of this technical assistance is $7,500 per city and will be offered at no expense to the cities selected for the program. No matching funds are required.

“Cities selected for the Expanding Biogas Generation & Food Recovery II Initiative will benefit from Global Green’s expertise in waste, resource recovery, and biogas,” said Trisha Muse, community relations director at SoCalGas. “Biogas can be conditioned to produce renewable natural gas, which can be used to fuel vehicles, generate electricity, or heat our homes, in addition to reducing greenhouse gases and addressing climate change.”

The goal of the initiative is to continue to address the barriers to clean energy (i.e. biogas) generation in underserved communities by enhancing community capacity for food waste diversion through “Eco-Ambassador” training workshops and by modeling scenarios for biogas generation early-adopter cities.

Since 2018, with generous support from SoCalGas, Global Green has worked with cities to address the interconnected issues of food waste diversion and clean energy (i.e. biogas) generation. Program results thus far indicate that the combination of an in-depth assessment of potential sites for facilities and end market uses and community engagement strategy are essential for positioning cities to implement food waste processing (i.e. biogas generation) programs. This can help them meet requirements set forth by California’s legislative mandates, such as AB-1826 and SB-1383. Global Green’s efforts have made strides towards promoting clean energy and laid the foundation for a sustainable, ongoing programmatic effort to facilitate opportunities for investment in clean energy/biogas technologies.

The City of Riverside was one of the initiative’s partner cities in 2018. “Global Green was able to review a complicated system to advise City staff of the gaps and opportunities for food waste diversion and biogas production. This information supported work that was in progress such that staff could plan their work accordingly for expansion,” said Olivia Sanchez, administrative analyst at the City of Riverside’s recycling and solid waste division. “Global Green’s thoroughness in providing information and technical assistance is of great value.”

Expected outcomes of this initiative include increased educational opportunities on food waste reduction/diversion & food waste to biogas among low-income populations in SoCalGas service territory, sustained citizen engagement through Eco-Ambassador-led outreach on food waste diversion and biogas opportunities, and establishing pathways for food waste to biogas facilities in participating cities through modeled scenarios.

Cities within SoCalGas’ service territory with access to food scrap collection services through their waste hauler(s) are eligible to apply for this opportunity. To be considered or for more information, contact Madisen Gittlin at by April 1st, 2019.

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