Bugatti Getting its Own Irvine Showroom for $2 Million Veyron, $3 Million Chiron

Friday, February 19, 2021

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Bugatti Newport Beach in Irvineis expanding its operation with a 1,500-square-foot showroom and service center that will showcase some of the French automaker’s high-performance and ultra-pricey vehicles.

The dealership at 44 Auto Center Drive recently broke ground on the $2 million expansion, which is expected to be completed in late 2021 or early 2022.

The showroom will feature a “configuration table” where buyers can order custom options in regard to color, trim, and other details.

“There was no Bugatti franchise in Orange County before, but we’ve been awarded the franchise so we’re building a dedicated showroom at this address,” said Pietro Frigerio with Newport Beach Automotive Group, which includes Bugatti, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Alfa Romeo, and McLaren.

The expansion will showcase Bugatti’s Chiron models, which start at $2.9 million, and used Veyrons, which sell for around $1.9 million. The Veyron was discontinued in 2015 after a 10-year run that produced just 450 vehicles.

Frigerio said buyers get much more than a car that simply goes from Point A to Point B.

“You’re really looking at history from an engineering level,” he said. “If you are a car enthusiast, this is like a great piece of art. It’s a masterpiece of engineering from the way the buttons on the dashboard are made all the way up to the engine.”

They also go fast.

The Chiron can accelerate to 186 mph in under 13.6 seconds and can reach a top speed of 261 mph, while the Veyron tops out at 258 mph. But the cars won’t let you hit those speeds if conditions aren’t 100% safe, according to Road & Track magazine.

In normal operation, the Bugatti Chiron is limited to 236 mph. If a driver wants to reach 261 mph, its “Top Speed” mode must be activated by inserting a second key into a slot between the driver’s seat and the door sill.

But it’s not as simple as twisting the key and taking off.

“It will then go through a system of checking, making sure it’s happy that everything’s as it should be,” Le Mans winner and Bugatti test driver Andy Wallace explained to Road & Track. “It even checks the age of the tires.”

Frigerio said the Bugatti showroom will likely move two to three Chirons a year, as well as some Veyrons.

“It’s a very exclusive club,” he said. “The buyers are a family of very successful business people. We don’t have any Hollywood celebrities here. Orange County is a much more quiet and conservative place. We see a lot of enthusiasm for these vehicles here.”

Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan, who was on hand for the showroom’s groundbreaking, agreed.

“There’s definitely a market for this out here,” she said. “It also helps us when it comes to sales tax. And it puts our city on the map.”

Khan also explained the confusion many may have surrounding the dealership’s name.

“When they filed their paperwork it was in Newport Beach, but then they found a home here in Irvine,” she said.

As pricey as the Chiron and Veyron are, other Bugatti models are far more expensive. Luxe Digital, an online publication that celebrates luxury in all forms, lists the Centodieci at $8.6 million and the La Voiture Noir at $12 million.

And before you rush out to order a La Voiture Noir, you should know the company is making only one.

Bugatti has been one of the most storied names in automotive history for more than 100 years. The company was created by Ettore Bugatti, an Italian, and his son Jean, who set out to create the perfect synthesis of art and technology. In 1998, the automaker became a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group.

Photo courtesy of Bugatti Newport Beach: Bugatti Newport Beach in Irvine is expanding its operation with a 1,500-square-foot showroom and service center that will showcase some of the French automaker’s high-performance vehicles.

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