Ambassador of the Month

Lorie EberJoe Alvarez
Omni IT Solutions

July 2017

Joe Alvarez joined the Greater Irvine Chamber in 2015, upon the recommendation of fellow Chamber member, Jeffrey Redeker

Alvarez is a Business Development Manager for Omni IT Solutions – a leading provider of IT support and security, network design and consulting, voice over internet protocol, cloud, and managed services to small and medium size business – Alvarez’s primary reason for joining the Greater Irvine Chamber was to become involved in the greater Irvine business community.

“Immediately, I identified that being a part of the Chamber was definitely something that I wanted for Omni IT Solutions and myself,” Alvarez recalled. “Being exposed to the Greater Irvine Chamber business community allowed me to begin to form relationships with fellow Chamber members for mutual benefit and success.”

Today, Alvarez has served as co-vice chair of Thursday Leads Group. But his involvement doesn’t end there. He also serves among a group of volunteer Ambassadors that represent the Greater Irvine Chamber out among the business community, as well as welcoming and orienting new members to the many benefits that are available to them. He has volunteered for the past three Business Outreach Rallies and will again participate in the October 25 Rally. He has served as a mentor to students from Irvine Valley College and participated in the Chamber’s Career Edge program.

“Not only is the Chamber a great tool as a part of my marketing plan, but a side benefit is the wonderful individuals I’ve met at and through the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce,” he said.

A regular at many of the Chamber’s 400+ events annually, from business grand opening celebrations to Lunch & Learns and signature events such as Business Outlook Breakfast, Joe has his finger on the pulse of Irvine’s business community, and his warm personality and eagerness to help out wherever he can make him a perfect choice for the July 2017 Member of the Month.

Congratulations, Joe Alvarez!

Lorie EberLorie Eber
President, Lorie Eber Wellness Coaching
Chair, Greater Irvine Chamber Ambassador Committee

June 2017

Lorie Eber has a healthy outlook on life and business. In fact, she built a business around her healthy outlook on life. Owner and principal of Lorie Eber Wellness Coaching, she is a wellness coach, a holistic nutritionist offering healthy diet plans, and a personal trainer.

To help her business be as fit as she is, Eber turned to the Greater Irvine Chamber. Being a Chamber member has helped Eber grow her client base and connect with diverse business professionals.

“I know I need to connect with people in person, which is why the Chamber is so important to me,” Eber said. “Growing a business requires a fair amount of personal contact.”

Since joining the Greater Irvine Chamber in 2014, Eber quickly realized the value of being an engaged member. In 2015, she became an Ambassador for the Chamber, serving as a team leader for two years before becoming Chair for the 2017-18 term. She also joined a Leads Group and has served as its chair since 2016, following her role as vice chair from 2015 to 2016.

“Working with people in a committee is a great way to make the most out of an organization that offers so many networking opportunities,” Eber noted. “Belonging to groups in the Greater Irvine Chamber allows me to make deep connections that have yielded many referrals. Because they know me personally, my fellow Chamber members are confident in me, and many have given me glowing reviews on Yelp.”

For Eber, what sets the Greater Irvine Chamber apart from other business associations that offer networking is it’s high-level of professionalism.

“I’m a business-oriented person. I like the fact that the Greater Irvine Chamber is extremely professional. At the core of its focus is the business community in Irvine and Orange County,” Eber said. “I like the professional atmosphere and that everyone is respectful of people’s time.”

Eber is sensitive to the issue of time. She understands that with today’s busy lifestyle, people have a difficult time making healthy eating and exercise a regular habit. With her common-sense, reality-based approach to nutrition and fitness, she designs holistic, easy-to-follow plans that are easy and enjoyable for busy people to sustain. Her personal and professional journeys have also provided her a good deal of empathy, which helps her to relate to her clients.

After a 23-year career as corporate litigation attorney, she assessed the lifestyle that came along with that and decided it was time to shift gears and help people through different channels.

Working her way through a variety of vocations, such as providing help to senior citizens, working in the field of elder care for six years, serving on the council for Aging Orange County, as a training ombudswoman, and as an adjunct instructor of gerontology at Leisure World through Coastline Community College, Eber was drawn to public speaking and began to focus more on health topics. She became a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, which led to becoming a Mayo Clinic certified wellness coach.

As a wellness coach, Eber found that she can help people learn to make lifestyle choices that improve their lives dramatically. Equally so, Eber has been a healthy asset to the Greater Irvine Chamber.

Congratulations, Lorie Eber!