Greater Irvine Chamber Educational Political Action Committee

The Greater Irvine Chamber Educational Political Action Committee (ICEPAC) is made up of large and small business owners, professionals, employers and employees who are concerned about the direction of California’s economy and the state’s increasingly anti-business climate.


Committee members are motivated by the belief that prosperity and jobs are fueled by healthy, growing businesses, but over the last decade government has strangled the business community with needless and harmful laws and regulations. By joining together, this committee can be an effective force to make California business-friendly again.

Our Goals

ICEPAC aims to make California once more a land of great dreams and opportunities, and to make the City of Irvine an even better place in which to own or operate a business. We promote public policies that encourage economic freedom and business growth, foster job creation, protect private property and our system of free enterprise, and make government responsive and fiscally sound.

What We Do

  • Identify and support pro-business candidates for elected office
  • Advocate pro-business, job-creating ballot-measure positions
  • Educate the public on issues and policies affecting business and free enterprise
  • Actively engage in elections by conducting independent campaigns through print and web-based media
  • Encourage business leaders to assume an active role in government

In the last three elections, 94% of ICEPAC-supported candidates in Orange County—our primary target—won office, and 91% of ICEPAC’s ballot-measure positions prevailed with Orange County voters.

Why You Should Join

Only a short time ago, California was the land of golden promise. It now shows up on survey after survey as one of the worst states in which to do business. Already, far too many Californians are out of work and too many businesses are leaving the state. California can be turned around, but we need to act while we can still take back our government from the politicians who have led us down a ruinous path of failed policies.

As a member of ICEPAC, you will be eligible to receive special election bulletins and priority invitations to limited events. And most important, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to make a real difference: creating a better place for you and your business to thrive and prosper.

How You Can Help

If you, your business, or your employer is a member of the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce, you can join ICEPAC and help renew California.

Minimum contribution for membership is $50; maximum is $6,500 per donor. Contributions are not tax deductible.

For more information and to join, contact Whit Peterson at or (949) 502-4117.

ICEPAC is a political action committee registered with the state of California (ID#1241932). ICEPAC can accept contributions from individuals, corporations and most other domestic entities.