Introducing all that Irvine has to offer

The Greater Irvine Chamber invites you to benefit from the strength of Irvine’s economy; our innovative business sectors, the imagination, and the determination of our people fuel our innovation ecosystem.

Making expansion to Irvine a gateway to success

In collaboration with an impressive network of public and private companies and organizations, the Greater Irvine Chamber is ready to offer qualified companies a resource-rich package of decision-making incentives and transition benefits.

Our subject-matter experts and companies are available to help you navigate entering a new market. You can count on at least one to two hours of pro-bono consultancy time to help you with the top-line issues essential to a seamless expansion.

With a presence in Irvine, you can leverage the opportunities and diversity of Southern California and what is tracked to be the 4th largest economy in the world — California.

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  • We are prepared to assist you in your exploration and evaluation by arranging:

    • Temporary office space - complimentary or at a reduced rental rate
    • Administrative office support services
    • Affordable, long-term stay hotel accommodations
  • We are prepared to connect you with complimentary customized consultation, assistance, and expertise:

    • Communications & Technology
    • Trade & Investment
    • Taxes
    • VISAs
    • Legal
    • Human Resources
    • Payroll, Benefits, Healthcare
    • Transportation
    • Logistics
    • Regulatory
    • Utilities
    • City & County Permits & Processes
    • Angel & Venture Capital Networks
    • Talent Attraction & Workforce Development
    • College & University Connections
    • Research & Development
    • Reimbursement & Payor Landscape
    • Foreign Country Consulate & Trade Introductions
    • CRO & CMO contacts
    • Partner & Customer Acquisition Assistance
    • Banking
    • HUB or Co-Work Options
    • Commercial Real Estate Assistance • Hospitals
    • Lab Spa
    • We are prepared to provide you complimentary customized data and reports:

      • Labor Costs
      • Competitive Labor, Wage & Salary Reports
      • Irvine, Orange County & California Economic Profiles & Forecasts
      • Residential Housing & Commercial Real Estate
      • Education
      • Sector Market Reports
      • Environmental Regulations
      • Infrastructure Plans & Investment
    • We are proud to extend to you the benefits of our Chamber networks and collaborations:

      • How to Do Business in Southern California
      • Transitional Family Support
      • CA Driver’s License Assistance
      • Multiple Languages & Translation
      • CEO Network
      • Global Company Support Network
      • Business Councils
      • International-American Chamber Coalition
      • Industry Sector Support
      • Introductions to Schools & Neighborhoods
      • Housing Options & Real Estate Assistance

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    • Forte Medical embarked on a mission to Irvine hoping that we would find not only enthusiasm for our work, but support, contacts, and avenues into launching HealthTech into the U.S. We have not been disappointed. In the last 18 months, we have formed a hugely important joint venture with an Irvine business that will transform our offer and found valuable opportunities that point to tangible success in the U.S. The Chamber’s Irvine Gateway team is indefatigable, prescient, and kind. What more could we have asked for in a U.S. business support partner?

      - Giovanna Forte, CEO, Forte Medical

    • I had explored other ecosystems before selecting Irvine as the base for company expansion in U.S. Before Irvine, I had not met any other ecosystem with so many business leaders and professionals who voluntarily go the extra mile to assist, advise, support, and signpost an outsider. The Chamber team is the backbone of this enterprise. From day one they organised and facilitated introductions that equipped me with knowledge and understanding of what it takes to establish and grow our company here. They are my mentors, colleagues, and friends. We have already created local partnerships and started devising sales and marketing campaigns. I no longer feel an outsider but as part of the ecosystem helping other small-to-medium enterprises to settle and grow in Irvine.

      - Nehal Thakore, Director of Business Development, oneclick